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The 2 founders, Arie Willemsen and Dick van de Steeg, have varied experience in football. Arie is in possession of UEFA C and Dick has successfully followed the UEFA-B coaching. Both have experience in setting up a start-up organization around a football school. Both of them have supervised many Sports Academy students. They coach and guide young potential trainers and are currently scout for the Youth Academy of a Dutch highly rated Professional Football Club. 



During live scouting they found out that they missed some important information and the accuracy of a full report was not available. To write everything in full sentences they missed a beautiful movement or an opportunity to score.

So, they decided to develop a system based on abbreviations so that the writing time could be shortened and there is more time to watch the game and above all, the player. While using the abbreviations it takes about 3 to 4 player reports to memorize them all. Dick and Arie were using the abbreviations in their reports as well. Soon the abbreviations became a way of writing for Dick and Arie, but certainly not for those who had to read and analyse the scouting reports.

The idea for a scouting Booklet was born.

Moreover, Arie and Dick are now using the Scout Booklet more times per week during there scouting assignments and see many players.The experience  did not come by itself. They have Certificates in Football Scouting Basic of Level 1 and Level 2 and completed the Workshop from Henk Grim (Netherlands). At the same time they successfully passed the course Video-Analyst-Football at NAC-Sports in November 2018. Because of the International business in Football, they also received a certificate of Level 1 and 2 of the Professional Football Scouts Association in England. 

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Arie Willemsen

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